Create and link custom field 'Author' to CB user profile

6 days 23 hours ago #75387 by alog

ggppdk wrote: Hello

it is working now
i edit the field

1. viewing access to public instead of "super user"

2. viewing "value" instead of "label"
 thus you get correct the  ID in the URL ...

3. To make it simpler / automatic to save the author when ,
in the
Editing TAB 
then Form field TAB

set to hide the prompt "Please select"
thus the value (current author) is auto selected and you can just click save

Anyway the above will soon be redundant , will add link ability to our "Profile field" ...


when an item is created it didn't automatic save the author that links to the Community Builder profile.
the value (current author) is not auto selected
and i have to complete manually the «  Author Profile » field and click save .

How can i fix this issue?

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