Item count leaves blank space when using .leadingblock

3 years 5 months ago #57549 by alphanerd
I am having an issue with obtaining a correct amount of items in category view. Current setup is:

- 1 column
- x number of items per page(18)
- 1 leading article

When I do this, I end up with one less item in my list for pages that have a leading item. How do I get flexi to account for the one leading item, and add in 1 extra item to main list, taking my item count from 18 to 19 for those pages?

Thanks in advance for the help

- AlphaNerd

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3 years 5 months ago #57564 by ggppdk

- the category database model that retrieves the items,
does not care of how items are displayed

if you set
- 20 items per page and also
- 1 leading item

the you will get in page 1
1 leading item and 19 intro items

then all subsequent pages will have
20 intro items

or is you issue that you have in subsequent pages some redudant HTML ?
e.g. an empty <UL> that is redudant ?

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