[Check doc and enable perf stats] Showcase? Frontpage slow.

5 years 6 months ago #44606 by discrockers
Hi Flexi's,

1. we are finally online and would like to hear what you think. Is there a forum category to post and showcase websites?

you can find the flexicontent here.
and here http://discrockers.com/judge-n-play/tea ... olmes.html

2. Our frontage loads very very slow. We use 2 Fleximodules "News" and "ergebnisse" and we are not sure what module or plugin causes this....we tried to disable them to find out where it comes from, but couldn't find anything. Maybe you can take a look and have a idea. http://www.discrockers.com

thank you for your help

keep on rockin

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5 years 6 months ago #44610 by ggppdk

about page loads times,
it is mainly 2 parts
a. runtime
b. and then download time

- about b. i can see that your frontpage is 2MBytes compressed (here is document size info as analysized by web developer plugin in mozilla)
5 Documents 119 KB 586 KB
83 Images 1267 KB 1267 KB
0 Objects
55 Scripts 601 KB 2035 KB
45 Style Sheets 76 KB 370 KB
188 Files 2063 KB 4259 KB

about a.
you can see FLEXIcontent runtimes by enabling (temporarily) FLEXIcontent performance statistics info at

FLEXIcontent Component configuration / Options TAB / Display performance statistics

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