Site in English or French???

9 years 10 months ago #32 by pnut
A few things:

First of all, I have been testing the FLEXIcontent component and I love it! Very promising and even though there are many similarities with JoomlaWorks' K2 I find FLEXIcontent to be less overwhelming.

Second, the site, I love the RocketTheme template you run, but on the main page, your forum menu link is hard to spot due to the fact your Twitter icon is on top of the forum menu! Maybe get another Twitter icon and/or position.

Third, I fear for scattering of information on your forum. the English forum is already starting to get less information than the French part. I do not want to discriminate, but since your entire product website and product is in English, why not continue that along the forum as well?

Keep up the good work!

Hope to hear from you soon.

With best regards,

Piet Nutbey

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9 years 10 months ago #36 by vistamedia
Hi Piet,
Thanks for your comments.
Concerning FLEXIcontent and K2, this products have some common function but their logic is slightly different. K2 is better optimized in term of performance but FLEXIcontent is more flexible as a CCK throught the concept of content types ( ).
I love Rockettheme's work too :) and I've change my little bird's position to bottom (you were right).
Concerning the French part of the forum, I published the beta3 only in France officialy (because it was easier for me to perform the first debug and support layer in my own language).
The beta 4 will be published in the JED with most of the bugs already removed thanks to the french community. Just have a look on this huge thread:
As admin of the French portal, I can't build a forum without having a french part (some of my users and friends don't speak english at all).
Best regards from south of France.

FLEXIcontent lead developer. web agency and custom development. co-administrator.
Please no PM for support request, use the forum for that!!!

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9 years 7 months ago #1847 by kabuki
Replied by kabuki on topic Site in English or French???

Absolutely agree you should keep the French Forum - this is French Software!! would be cool to have translater module on site though. I know they can be rough - but often is good enough.

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