Backend Tagging for Fields

6 months 4 days ago #74685 by Dave LeDev
My project has me creating dozens upon dozens of fields that are being grouped by tabs for the frontend. It gets challenging to manage them all in the backend. I propose the ability to add a tag or a category for a field that can then be filtered. With a function like this, if fields were grouped with a naming scheme based on tabs they're displayed in, I can filter out all unnecessary fields and focus on any given section I'm working in. A rough example:

If this is deemed to not have merit by the community or developers, I suppose I could add my tagging to the name. :P

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6 months 4 days ago #74690 by ggppdk
Replied by ggppdk on topic Backend Tagging for Fields

yes this is something that has been discussed before
it is good to have it but for consistency we need to need to do renaming

rename our fieldgroup to ... "Repeatable set of fields"
and then call this "tagging" ... "fieldgroup"

thus we will be have similar naming with Joomla custom fields too ...

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