FlexiConten and Joomla for beginners

6 months 3 weeks ago #75737 by Huutsch

I am completely new to Joola and Flexicontent.
Until now, I have only realized small projects directly in PHP / HTML, etc. or used an OS project in a shop (closed now) and a dating site.
Now I had to change all my sites to PHP 7 *, the OS project is no longer maintained, so I needed an alternative.

I started with Joomla, but that alone is not powerful enough, so I searched for alternatives or extensions and ended up at FlexiContent.
Now I've managed to get my page started, even creating a local sandbox with cloned content.
And now I want to continue creating more content with custom fields for the profiles.

Unfortunately, I come across my limits and look for answers in the FAQ and tutorials.
Here I find suitable answers, but the answers are usually very close.
It seems that certain skills are needed, which unfortunately I do not have.
And in the large number of parameters in the backend, I didn't find the ones that I have to adapt.

In addition everything is in English, which I do not master well enough to get along completely without translation tool.
(Maybe you will recognize it on my post here. Sorry for that)

Now my Questions.
Which tutorials (German preferred) for Joomla should I work out in advance, because the functions are still used in FlexiContent?
Or because knowledge is a prerequisite for FlexiContent?
And which tutorials (still German preferred) and which order would be most recommended to build my site bit by bit?

Thanks in advance

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6 months 3 weeks ago #75739 by micker
i didn't think its a good idea to start Joomla AND flexicontent ....
at first learn Joomla and try to understand template, plugin, module, native field ....
flexicontent can extend Joomla! but need to have basical concept at first ....
for now we only have tutorial in french an english (for flexi) go to tuto part of this site

FLEXIcontent is Free but involves a very big effort on our part.
Like the our support? (for a bug-free FC, despite being huge extension) Like the features? Like the ongoing development and future commitment to FLEXIcontent?
-- Add your voice to the FLEXIcontent JED listing reviews. Thanks![/size]

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6 months 3 weeks ago #75740 by Huutsch

Thanks for help

I build a site with Joomla only, I'll learn the basics first.

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