Error message for Leading item in Blog template + Bug in Select Multiple Field

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #70473 by guillaume.mda

I would like to report 2 problems:

- first, on a Category list page, I'm using the Blog template to list items from a Category. But for the first item (Leading item), there is an error message appear (it doesn't appear for the following Intro items, just for the Leading item).
The message seems about the image linked with the item:
Notice: undefined index: image-intro in on line 540 [...]/components/com_flexicontent/templates/blog/category_items.php
Note: image-intro is the name of the image Field that I've created to add image with item.
I don't understand why the error message appear only for the Leading items and not for the Intro items...?
BTW, is there any way to deactivate the Leading items from the Blog template? And to let only the Intro items to be listed...?

- second, (just for reporting the problem, I need not to find any solution for it, as I found mine) in the Backend, there is a bug when we create a "Select Multiple" Field : when we create at first the Field elements for value and label (in Edit or Raw edit) and click on "Add", all the values disappear. But once the "Add" clicked and if we add again the values and label, if we click "Apply", then they are saved for sure.
So, how I do when I create a new Select Multiple Field: I enter all the values and labels, copy them (in the Raw edit window), click on "Add", and go back to the Raw edit window and paste them once again, and finally click "Apply". Only like this I success to save this kind of Field...
I don't know if it's a general bug, or it's only for my FC installation...


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1 year 4 months ago #70475 by ggppdk
For the first issue

-- i guess you have not assigned this field to all types ? there must be a FLEXIcontent item type AAA that does not have this field
and probably the category view is trying to show an item of type AAA

i will check if it is the above case and prevent the warning from being printed

For disabling "leading"
-- just enter zero in the parameter "Number of leading items"

About editing field configuration of-selectmultiple and click "Add"
- which browser ?
- does it happen only when the field is "New" aka never saved before ?

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #70480 by guillaume.mda
First issue: yes, you were right, there was an item that had a different Type, and the Field "image-intro" was assigned to a different Style. Problem resolve! Thanks a lot!

And thanks for the tip about to add 0 in the parameter "Number of leading items".

Second issue: I tried with Mozilla Firefox (v. 52.4.0) and Chrome (v. 61.0.3163.100). Same issue on the two browsers...
And yes, it does happen only when the fields is "New" and when we have only the choice to click on the "Add" button (at this step, there is not the "Apply" button yet). Once I click on the "Add" button, every further save are ok. It's only for the first save...

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