Navigation (Next/Previous Item) | Order is not inherited from category view

1 week 1 day ago #76626 by MatGod
I have a field of type Navigation (Next/Previous Item). The field work but does not use the same order as the category view.

The category view order is from the category order but the field seems to use the creation date.

The only information I find is this topic.

Here some information that could help.

Each item have associations (French/English)
The French version and the English version have different categories.
Both languages ​​have a category menu item (Flexicontent), each using its respective category.

Also, I use the term "category view" because it's the term that was used in the topic I linked above. I assumed it means the menu item with the type "category".

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1 week 1 day ago #76627 by ggppdk

it supports single category

It can use already calculated list ,

or if you visit the item view directly it will create category model, and then get item list and cache the item ids list

it does not support category layouts like "myitems" or tagged items
also check if you are accessing item view secondary category URL , its listing inside the secondary category should be used

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2 days 8 hours ago #76648 by MatGod
Hello, the problem was solved by some magic (probably time). I didn't understand the code you linked, but I assume my problem had to do with the cache you were talking about.

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