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4 years 6 months ago #48026 by ggppdk
Replied by ggppdk on topic Custom Plugin

i did not say "simple"

out of
"simple PHP programming issue"

i said "general PHP programming question" ;)

if PHP does not allow this you should do it in a different way :)

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4 years 6 months ago #48027 by MikeSantana
Replied by MikeSantana on topic Custom Plugin
Hi George;

I got it ;)
I knew it was not a simple PHP thing. I was getting worried that I was missing something.

One last question:
In my plugin since it is the flexicontent plugin folder
should I have:
1-jimport('joomla.event.plugin'); // I have this
2-jimport('joomla.plugin.plugin'); //flexinotify have this

I was checking the way you guys did the flexinotify plugin and it is different than what I have.

Anyways thank you for you fast respond


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