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Thanks Micker.
But I find really annoying that, for example, in the search fields placed in category presentation template, you replace the original fields (setting css "display: none") with flexicontent form fields. This prevents the automatic use of the template's css replacing it for flexicontent's css.
For example, as you can see in the image, the "select" field's tags have css "display: none" and are replaced by flexicontent div tags. I find this absolutely unnecessary.
I'd really prefer that the fields didn't have any css applied, and the oringal ones were used, because in that way it would automatically use the css defined in the css file of the site.
So, because of this, there's the need to configure each flexicontent's field css, wasting time unnecessarily and adding more css styles.
Is there anyway to configure flexicontent so that it uses original form fields, without loading any flexicontent css, so that it doesn't replace original form fields with flexicontent form fields (like the example I gave above)?
Better yet was that the frontend was absolutely "naked" of css's, eventually using only the ones defining template positions. All other frontend css tags applied for styling forms, form fields, paragraphs, spans, texts, etc, shouldn't exist (or eventually making a configuration feature to load or not to load flexicontent's css), so that it was automatically used the sites css's preventing the webdesigner to unnecessarily waste time restyling things and duplicating css styles.

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8 months 3 weeks ago #72997 by micker
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hello you can disable additional library for select and other field but you will lost some enchanced has you want !
=> in global config avanced tab
=> in each field

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