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FLEXIcontent 3.1 is stable

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Hello we are very happy of you announced the release of stable new version of FLEXIcontent the series 3.1.

We worked long months to provide you with an ever more powerful, robust and simpler to use version. For that we have realized more than 541 commits since the series 3.0 and spent long days to realize tests of use and migration to make your life easier!

On the menu of this new version

Optimization of backend administration, focusing to better TAB structure that allow to find the options more easily
Optimizing ACL Management
Optimized Form performance

Using AJAX multi-uploader almost everywere with auto-resize for images at client side, configurable per field
Using AJAX multi-uploader now has image preview, with supports editing ALL file properties, title,description, etc before uploading

Full PHP 7 Compatibility (PHP 7 is now recommended)
Optimized the LESS / XML file parsing for templates
Address field improved and made multi-value
Revised relationship field, compact UX, and solid performance in form regardless of your web-site size
Many improvements in workflow !Export CSV on frontend / backend configurable per field


New module : Google map module, now you can display a global map with all items in same category, Compatible with dynamique filtering
New categorie module : You can display a dynamique list of categorie
Removing mootools almost everywhere
New view and configuration for favorite and taggs
More cleaner CSS for better template compatibility

And we want to do more ! that for we will create FLEXIPRO feature. A good way to maintien a good free component with great support.

FLEXIcontent will always free but we will propose some feature exclusive for PRO

reviews intégration, better system then start and vote with many feature
endless scroll template
calculation field (not only 'display',  but also searcheable and filterable) we can create like excel file directly in flexicontent (great for chart and other feature)
expiring, expired content notification, we add more contrôle with spécific notification
configuration import export, we will introduce APPS system to export and import complet buildin content like receip .. (exporting in 1 zip type, field, template and categorie configuration)
automatic relation field, with this feature you can display field in relation directly in item view, according user choice

Out of the above, the order of implementations / availability:

Expiring, expired content notification (FINISHED)
Replace content / fields everywhere (FINISHED)
Automatic relation field (FINISHED)
Downloads cart module (FINISHED)
Reviews  (70% done)
Endless scroll (50% done)

and then the rest will follow

We will open PRO support with premium ticket support and specific dev for your project !

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 22 November 2016
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