[New Plugin] Google map plugin - testers needed

6 years 11 months ago #28088 by ggppdk
no, i have not,

at least, i don't remember now changing anything

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3 years 5 months ago #60289 by posticri

I'm looking for a nice and complete plugin for Flexicontent for a while ... And I've found this topic !
It seems to fill exactely what missed me.

Unfortunately, the link www.sitefaitbienfait.fr/en/downloads/ext...ur-flexicontent.html is not available anymore. The website is under "renovation" for some weeks.

1- Anyone knows how could I access to the plugin ?

I've tested the new flexicontent field (FC V3.0.13), but I have not found how to :
a- "drag and drop" marker in frontend submisson
b- display a map of the selected item (for ex. category or search selection).

2- Else, anyone coulds help me to use last addressint FC field ?

Thank's for your help.

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