How can i put a list of url links in fields ?

1 year 4 weeks ago - 1 year 4 weeks ago #70690 by nikolaikolev
yes i can explain.
I do not want to use any other modul because if i use other module it must be outside the filtering module (mod_flexifilter) and it will be confusing for users as they must go to two different places in order to choose options.
I want all options user can select from, to be in one place - the filtering module (mod_flexifilter)
This is why i need the drop down menu with links to be in mod_flexifilter.
Is there any trick i can use to achieve that goal ?

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1 year 4 weeks ago #70697 by ggppdk

currently the "List of links" field has not filter display

it is possible to make the filter behave like this, little work
but is it worth it ?
is it useful for more users than just your website ?

i mean, we will do if you can explain why / when this is useful

that is describe your scenario,
- what are the titles of the links
- where do these links point to ? they point to FC category URLs + some filters in the URL?

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1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 3 weeks ago #70704 by nikolaikolev
this is usefull for all users not just cetrain web website.
A lot of users need a functionality to link to one or many external web sites.
Similar modul is JumpMenu
It is a drop down menu and when you choose an option it is a link that takes you to another website or sub-domain on your website.
FC filter modul filters results on your website but does not have functionality that takes you to another web sites.
And this is very useful as some times you need to show information that is on another website.
Linking to another website is always useful.
Joomla core menu has a functionality you to create a menu that is a link to another web site.
The links does not take you to FC categor they just take you to another website ULR

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