Last modified & Revised By don't show correct value in category view

2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #66512 by harakys

Before the explanation, you need to know that before some last updates, it always worked... it's a recent update that broke what i will try to explain.

Here is a item wih some modifications that is not already approuved, you can see that the last contributor is "Nathalie", the 27 December at 15:09

When i attach the fields "modified" and "modified_by" in the item view template, i can see the correct last contributor BECAUSE I USE ?preview=1 in the address bar :

But, when i attach these fields in the category view with a FAQ template and if i use ?preview=1 in the address bar, i don't see the correct infos :

BEFORE IT ALWAYS WORKED, NOT NOW. Anyone have an idea why and a fix plz?



EDIT: i think that ?preview=1 in the address bar stop working in category view or maybe in FAQ template?

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2 years 2 months ago #66544 by ggppdk

in frontend when you add
?preview=1 and you are privileged user
then you see the LATEST created version of the item

and without ?preview=1 you see the data for the currently active version

Try to login as super admin in frontend, so that ?preview=1 is not ignored
but note that ?preview=1 is only designed for ITEM view

for category view, if it worked before then it was a side-effect or bug

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