Can't get top-level Categories to show up with sub-categories listed underneath them

11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #72722 by dan40
I've been using FlexiContent for quite some time now and haven't used it very much lately, and have recently been getting back into it again on my site. I still have a problem that I can't figure out from the last time I was using it.

The Category structure at the top of my page is not showing the top-level categories, and I can't get the sub-categories listed underneath each top-level category. For example, I have a coin and paper money site with images, and I'd like the structure to look like this:

+ Coins
+ 2 Dollars
+ 1 Dollar
+ 50 Cents
+ 25 Cents
+ 10 Cents
+ etc...
+ Paper Money
+ 100 Dollars
+ 50 Dollars
+ 20 Dollars
+ 10 Dollars
+ etc...

Then I have both coins and paper money for many other countries as well, but I can't get them to display under their top-level category. They're all listed haphazardly with no apparent order, even when I sort my categories in a list or numbered order.

Would someone be able to help me figure this out? My website can be found here:


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11 months 2 weeks ago #72723 by dan40
I think I have it figured out. In my menu option, I was viewing Categories instead of Directories.

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