Discover FLEXIcontent with job apply site demo !


We are happy to announce the first demo site with full FLEXIcontent CCK example.

That quickstart website was created by Yannick Berges (Com3elles). It's a Job Board example site done for JoomlaDay Paris in 2017.

In this site we can acces to front end function :

  • Responsive site
  • Flexicontent native template with Helix 3 compatibility
  • Filtering demo module
  • Search demo module
  • Googlemap module
  • New module demo
  • Slideshow module demo
  • Job application function (relation to job proposition)
  • Free job application
  • Front-end administration for recruitement
  • Multilanguage site

Backend administration :

  • Flexiadmin module for better administration
  • All configurations access
  • All fileds examples
  • Email notification customisation
  • Multilanguage administration

Full FLEXIcontent intégration (no form component, no plugin etc)

You can test it live and download Akeeba archive to test more !

Link to FLEXIcontent demo

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 25 January 2018
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