FLEXIcontent 3.2.0

Hello we are happy to announce FLEXIcontent v3.2

Fixed several small / rare issues of v3.1.1
Following is only a SMALL part of improvements and new features of v3.2.0

Added minimimal-overhead task execution for frontend, only loading Joomla Framework,

  • e.g. 2x-5x fast AJAX responce, currently only supporting text-search autocomplete task,
    no longer effected by web-sites with overloaded onAfterInitialize event (3rd party plugin)

Revised media manager

  • new UI for image-gallery field
  • new UI media management
    -- list / grid views for both file list and AJAX upload,
    -- editing item properties for all uploaded items
    -- full page thumb previewing
    -- instant thumb size slider
    -- assign multiple files at once in any file-using field
  • new attractive styling
  • ajaxified item / category / types / etc forms
  • save as copy for all forms

Revises Items manager UX

  • compact display of secondary categories and tags
  • toggle all secondary categories and tags at once
  • 40%-50% reduced time during browser rendering of HTML (important when listing 500 items)
  • Intergrated state selector featured, and preview to btn-group
  • State selector with minimal HTML no longer add HTML-render or JS load, during initial page opening
  • Filter button button remember state and show active filters as a counter, same for columns button
  • Converted multi-item "Change state" button to be drop down

Performance, flexicontent period tasks, are not more "smartly" executed, thus reducing even further their alread minimal impact

More power to the fields


  • Added state (published / unpublished / archived !!) for the values of "selection-like" (indexable) fields

Easier more understandable configuration

  • better grouing for ACL with headers makes it easier to configure
  • revised components parameters configuration into new TABs

Many other, to do compile a list

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 07 June 2017
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